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Wondering what FemFusion Fitness is all about?

In a sentence, it’s FEEL-GOOD FITNESS that’s safe for the pelvic floor and core.

I offer safe core strengthening that’s friendly and fun so that you can get the strong, toned body you desire WITHOUT bladder leakage, prolapse, or strain on your belly or back. Want to learn more about me and my credentials? If so, click here.

Fitting more MOVEMENT into your day — and keeping it fun — is essential for good health.

We’re all busy, so why waste time and energy dragging yourself to the gym for a run on the treadmill you DREAD or for an overly intense fitness class that ends up hurting your knees and your back?

You want your workouts to leave you feeling energized, not depleted. And interestingly, research has shown that a single workout once per day is less effective than moving more THROUGHOUT the day. I’m not saying to skip your gym session! However, I want to emphasize the importance of:

  1. Finding something you actually ENJOY doing, and then making it a priority (whether it’s walking, running, yoga, dancing, swimming, etc.), and…
  2. MOVING MORE throughout the day, every day.

This will help with your weight, your energy, and your general health. With our modern (sedentary) lifestyles, moving more can take some conscious effort.

The best workout is one you’ll actually DO.

So what will YOU do? The options are endless… The only “rules” are to keep it simple, keep it safe, and make it fun!

Here are some of my favorite quick, feel-good fitness videos that are easy to insert into the busiest schedules. Taking a quick break at work? Need a short respite from the kids? These mini-workouts will help you feel better fast:




Truly, my friends… There is NO NEED to gather up your stuff and head to the gym in order to boost your endorphins. Just put on some comfortable clothes and get moving with a quick walk around your neighborhood, a mini-workout (as shown above), or a few minutes of hip circles.

MOVING MORE will make the world a healthier, stronger, and LESS PAINFUL place.

Stronger, less stiff women = happier women = happier mothers and grandmas and friends = happier world.

WE ALL KNOW THE WORLD COULD USE HAPPIER PEOPLE RIGHT NOW. I won’t go too deep into this, but seriously… There’s a lot of darkness today in the news and media. We need to bring more light.

One way to bring more light is for YOU to connect with your feminine energy, feel good in your body, move more, and feel better.

It starts with ONE… One person can affect thousands with the ripple effect of sharing information and joy from one person to the next to the next.

Feel-good fitness is my secret for a toned core and a happy mind.

It’s my launching point for making the world a better place.

It can be your launching point, too!

Dr. Bri, PT, DPT - FemFusion Fitness



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Until next time, remember:

Eat clean. Move every day. SHINE BRIGHTER!