Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Need some one-on-one guidance when it comes to your pelvic health?

Feel like something is “off” in your body, but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Looking for a lifestyle “tune-up?” Heck, are you looking for a complete lifestyle OVERHAUL?

My Power Hour Plus will help you unlock the secrets to healthy living and changes that LAST.

Health Coaching Options for Women | FemFusion Fitness


If you’d like to dive deep into a specific women’s health topic in the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your own home, consider the “Power Hour Plus” online wellness consultation. Your Power Hour can be focused on pelvic health or making a specific healthy lifestyle change.*

Ronel, Soul's Honour

Ronel Van der Berg

From former client Ronel:

Today I get to shine brightly every single day, for myself, for my family, and for other women who need my light. I will always be grateful for the angel that Dr. Bri was and is to me today.

The Power Hour Plus includes:

  • Extensive pre-consultation questionnaire.
  • 60 minute audio/video session (option to have session recorded so that you can replay it as needed).
  • 15-minute follow up call 1-3 weeks after the initial consultation.
  • Email support as needed between calls.


One-time payment of $197, billable via PayPal. Please contact me ( if you’d like to schedule your own Power Hour Plus.

Health Coaching Options for Women | FemFusion Fitness


Participants are encouraged to visit their physician before beginning the Power Hour Plus coaching sessions, and to continue to visit and be treated by their healthcare professionals throughout the duration of the Program. The Power Hour Plus does not provide medical or diagnostic services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.

Although I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy currently licensed in the state of Oregon, Power Hour Plus participants must understand and acknowledge that I am acting as a wellness consultant or “coach.” I am not agreeing to provide, and will not provide, billable physical therapy or physical therapy-related services as part of the Program.

Not ready to invest? FREE COACHING OPTIONS

I offer a wealth of free information on YouTube and on my blog to peruse at your leisure. You can learn a LOT from this information alone! If you would benefit from a guided program, try any of my SERIES of videos. They are gradually progressive, and a great place to start if you need an action plan with proven results.*

Ab Camp 18-Day Video Series

Yoga for Beginners for Pelvic Health 6-Video Series

Lift Pelvic Organ Support Series (click to receive WEEKLY emails and PDF handouts to help guide you through this 5-week journey!)

After completing my 18-Day Ab Camp on YouTube, April wrote:

Throughout my life I’ve been active, even teaching Pilates classes. After my 3rd child I noticed a pretty significant diastasis recti that I ignored for a long time, continuing my normal fitness and teaching routines. Finally, after a friend started noticing results in her own tummy with a $100 ab program, I decided I should probably fix mine before continuing with exercises that were putting a lot of stress on my abs. I actually found Ab Camp through a search for pelvic floor exercises because I also have a (healing!) prolapse.

I’m working through Ab Camp for the 2nd time now (just finished Day 2 again) and I wanted to shout THANK YOU from the rooftops for the transformation that Ab Camp has done for my tummy in only a short number of days. The diastasis is GONE above and below my belly button. GONE!

I’m beyond impressed with these seemingly “easy” routines. I really felt the exercises and am blown away by the results. THANK YOU! ~April


I also weave health coaching into my interactions with my doTERRA team. If you’re interested in essential oils and want to work with me in that capacity, click here to learn more!

*As with any exercise/wellness program, please understand that everyone is different and will respond differently to the exercises and information presented. Results are not guaranteed. You should consult with a healthcare provider before beginning this (or any other) exercise program, and always listen to your body. Stop if anything is painful or uncomfortable. Click here to view our website and medical disclaimer.