First, I want to address two questions I’ve received over and over: “Are hip circles BAD for women with diastasis recti?” (NO!) “Are hip circles SAFE for women with diastasis recti?” (YES!) Here’s the deal: there is no reason to avoid hip circles as long as they’re done mindfully and within a reasonable range of motion. In fact, hip circles are a lovely and gentle way to really “feel into your body” and to avoid the potential of FEARING movement, which can happen for women who have diastasis recti or back pain.

One Simple Exercise for Diastasis Recti: Hip Circles

Get some great mobility through the hips, move rhythmically, get in touch with your pelvis (and beyond)… I really can’t think of anything more suited to women with DR and/or back pain. Watch the video to learn how hip circles can be done small and controlled for STRENGTHENING the core muscles, and then freely and larger for MOBILITY of the hip and spinal joints. Follow along, do daily, and feel better fast!

NOTE: Always listen to your body. If anything feels uncomfortable or unsafe, don’t do it! Perhaps you’ll want to stick with the small, slow, controlled hip circles (for strengthening) initially… That’s fine. In time, you might want to expand your hip circle repertoire and challenge yourself with the bigger, more freely-moving circles. The point is to get to know your body and to learn how to trust it, and this is a great way to start.

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