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Essential oils have transformed my life, and I would love to share them with you.

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What is the FemFusion “Inner Circle” and how does it work?

In a sentence, my “Inner Circle” is the only way to work with me one-on-one. My plate is EXTREMELY full with a growing YouTube channel, a women’s health book (and a second edition coming!), and all that goes into marketing and promoting the work that I do online. I no longer offer private health coaching, but I do offer personalized mentoring and wellness consultations to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who enrolls with me as a doTERRA wholesale customer. In addition to your complimentary welcome wellness consultation, you will receive access to a customers-only “VIP” Facebook group, monthly calendars with links to workouts, recipes, and essential oil tips that will help elevate your health holistically, and insights that are ONLY for the women in my oil-loving tribe.

FemFusion Fitness | doTERRA Wellness Advocate | RADIANT natural health and wellness... SHINE ON!

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Why am I so passionate about essential oils?

Because they WORK! They’re powerful, potent, and a “must” for any woman who wants to elevate her health NATURALLY. I often find that eating clean and moving every day are the physical activities that get people hooked on health, but then they want MORE and more, and more, and MORE!!! Essential oils provide a myriad of opportunities to further boost your health and SHINE BRIGHTER in small subtle ways that add up, from detoxifying your home and personal care products, to elevating your mood and energy, to managing stressful feelings for yourself and your family.

Let’s see if essential oils might help you:

  • Do you struggle with: Stress and anxiety? Lack of energy? Getting enough restful sleep?
  • Do you suffer from pelvic conditions or continuing muscle tension, and would you like NATURAL relief without the fear of side-effects?
  • Do you want to detoxify your personal care products and home cleaning solutions?
  • Do you want to support NATURAL hormone balance as you move through the seasons of being a woman?
  • Are you passionate about supporting a company with INTEGRITY? How about a company that supports multiple charitable organizations including Days for Girls (feminine hygiene for all) and Operation Underground Railroad (fights child sex trafficking) and also supports independent entrepreneurs (like me) rather than big box chains?
  • Are you looking for a brand of essential oils that are AMAZINGLY PURE and potent, with stringent practices and third party testing? Would you be interested in a brand that:
    • Helps to strengthen economies in developing countries and improve the livelihoods of growers around the world?
    • Cultivates plants within their indigenous regions (here’s an example), planting, harvesting, and extracting the oils at precise times and in precise ways?
    • Third party tests every batch of oil and will reject the ENTIRE BATCH if it contains contaminants or impurities?
    • Stands so firmly behind the purity and safety of their oils that many of them are safe for internal use (when used as directed)?

If you have time to read a small novel (lol!), click to read a Facebook post that outlines exactly why I partnered with doTERRA and why QUALITY MATTERS when it comes to essential oils.

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Essential oils have helped me improve my connection with loved ones, radically reduce toxins in my home and on my body, and maintain focus and calm in the midst of all that I do at home and online. Plus, my skin has never looked so glowy!

If you want this too, and if you want community and SUPPORT to help you along your path, then I’m your gal. I can help you to get the most for your money, including an amazing wholesale discount and one-on-one education as a part of my Inner Circle.

Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT | doTERRA Wellness Advocate

There are two ways to order doTERRA products: retail, and wholesale.

Click here to explore my retail site to shop at full price, or keep reading to learn about joining as a wholesale customer. 

I highly recommend going the WHOLESALE route. With a wholesale membership, you get 25% off all of your orders for an entire YEAR with no catches, quotas, or requirements. Plus, the wholesale option unlocks the benefits of my Inner Circle!

When you sign up as a Wholesale Customer…

  • You will receive wholesale pricing (25% off retail) on all of your orders for an entire year with no monthly order requirements or minimums, no lock-in contracts, and no penalties. It’s like a Costco membership for the best quality essential oils! And there’s more:
    • All new enrollees are invited to join my private team Facebook Group, where you can get support and ask questions.
    • All new enrollees have access to my “Lean, Green, and Clean Academy” emails, which give you valuable information about how to use essential oils safely and effectively.
    • You’ll also receive FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to my amazing SHINE 7-Day Cleanse! This real food “reset” is one of my newest (and most popular) e-courses, and it’s free for members of my Inner Circle. 
    • After you enroll, I will personally call or video chat with you for a complimentary wellness consultation to identify your top health goals and create a customized wellness plan based on your needs. I will walk you through how to use the oils you ordered, and make sure you feel comfortable placing future orders on your own. You will leave feeling empowered and ready to ROCK your health and your life!

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Ready to get started?

Click here for detailed instructions on how to get started on your own, by ordering online!

As an alternative, you’re WELCOME to email me ( Let me know that you’re curious to know more and/or ready to sign up. We’ll schedule a brief video chat consultation and get you enrolled with a starter kit that’s perfect for YOUR health goals!

Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT | doTERRA Wellness Advocate

I love taking care of my customers! My goal is to educate and EMPOWER you so that you can start taking charge of your (and your family’s) health. I want to be sure you know how to use your oils once they arrive, and I want to help make the ordering process EASY for you. So let’s connect via email and get you started on this amazing natural living journey!

Health coaches and wellness warriors: listen up! If you want to spread your light, positively impact others, join a caring + supportive team of like-minded entrepreneurs, and earn income on your own terms, just ask me how you can RISE AND SHINE with doTERRA’s business opportunity. I would love to have you join my global team of oil-preneurs!

(only serious inquiries please!)

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