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So now… Let’s talk about Lady Bits! Why? Because it’s (FINALLY) AVAILABLE! I’m beyond excited to share this treasure-trove of information with you.

Questions and answers are always fun… So let’s get started! Email me if you have more Q’s.

Q: What inspired you to write Lady Bits?

A: I have a passion for helping women understand and embrace every aspect of their physical bodies and to give them HOPE that they can — and will — feel better when they make self-care and healthy living a priority. Last year, I heard this niggling little whisper encouraging me to share my dream with the world and to WRITE. I couldn’t stop my fingers from flying over the keyboard as everything I’ve learned throughout my studies, my personal journey, and my work with clients just flowed onto the pages.

The real inspiration behind Lady Bits, however, goes beyond this current generation and flows into the next (and the next and the next)… I dream of a world where women aren’t afraid of, confused by, or ashamed of their own bodies. For women to understand that no matter what they’re experiencing — from bladder leakage to body image issues to a libido that’s in the gutter — they’re not weird, gross, or abnormal. To LOVE THEMSELVES… And then to pass this message along to their daughters (and granddaughters, nieces, family friends, and so on).

Q: Why did you title your book Lady Bits? Isn’t that a tad crude?

A: No! There’s NOTHING crude about female genitalia, to which the term “lady bits” commonly refers. My goal is to bust the feeling/myth/stereotype that “lady bits” are something snicker, giggle, or feel ashamed about, while still keeping topics related to women’s health and female anatomy lighthearted and relatable.

But my book is FAR MORE than a simple discussion about private parts and pelvic floor muscles. I cover “bits” of information that every woman should know in order to take care of herself and her health, improve self-confidence, and even improve her sex life. It’s “little bits” about a lot of things, but it’s not random or haphazard; all are essential topics related to female wellness.

As I say on the back cover of my book, “you don’t have to be an expert, but every woman should know a bit.”

Q: My sex life is just fine, thank you. Do I still need to read Lady Bits?

YES! If you’re a woman, you will benefit from the information in this book. Yes, sex is a part of Lady Bits, but above and beyond that is the focus on understanding your body, simple lifestyle changes to get more energy and help you feel and look your best, and self-care practices that will make you a better person (yes! I really mean that) BEYOND the bedroom. I’m talking about when you’re in the boardroom, when you’re with your children, when you’re with your girlfriends, when you’re with your partner, and when you’re all alone. My mission is to help women eliminate body-hatred and understand their unique anatomy, physiology, and psyche. Improved self-compassion and self-love will spill over into your other relationships — both romantic and platonic!

Q: I’m not sexually active. Will I get anything out of Lady Bits?

As described above, YES! Approximately two-thirds of the book has nothing to do with sex, and even the part that does deal with sex and intimacy can help you enhance your relationship with YOURSELF even if you’re not currently sexually active or if you don’t have a sexual partner.

Q: I already own your first book, FemFusion Fitness for Intimacy. How is Lady Bits different?

Full disclosure: Lady Bits is built on the “bones” of FemFusion Fitness for Intimacy, but honestly… It’s an entirely different animal. What started out as an update (or “2nd edition”) of FemFusion Fitness for Intimacy evolved and expanded to the point that I needed to completely retitle and rebrand the book. It’s three times as long with a revised fitness routine, accompanying videos, and WAY more information related to women’s health, healthy living, self-care, and self-love principles and practices.


Q: Should I get the digital version, or print?

That’s totally your call! For self-help books such as Lady Bits, I (personally) prefer print editions so that I can highlight, dog-ear, and do all of those other old-fashioned things that you just can’t do on a Kindle or iPad. But if you prefer to go digital (and if you want to save some money), then the e-book version might be your best bet. Click here for print and digital ordering options.

Q: Why is the color (print) edition so darn expensive?

The print edition of Lady Bits is available in two editions: black and white, or color. The content is the same, but the price is much higher for the color edition. This is not something I can help. The reality is that for small-run printings such as Lady Bits, color printing is a lot more expensive. If you’re looking to save money but still want a print book, then purchase the black and white edition. The images translate beautifully to black and white. If you’re looking to “wow” someone with a lovely women’s health gift, then the color edition might be one to consider. It’s quite lovely.

Q: Why is your cover to ethnically un-diverse?

Okay… Let’s address the elephant in the room head-on. I have received great feedback about the fun cover of Lady Bits, but I’ve also received several comments (from women I know, and from women I don’t know) expressing concern over the lack of cultural diversity on the cover.

Here’s the deal: the women I chose to be on my cover are women I know very well, who are regulars in my FemFusion group exercise classes. THE COVER IS BY NO MEANS INDICATIVE of who should (or should not) read my book. Although I do NOT regret my choice of cover models, and I will never forget the fun we had the day of the photo shoot, I deeply regret that some potential readers might be turned off by the (external) uniformity of the cover models and/or misinterpret the book as being only intended for caucasian women. This is NOT the case. Lady Bits is intended for all women, regardless of age, race, size, fitness level, socioeconomic status… I’m not here to segregate or discriminate or alienate; this was never my intention and not even on my radar… Until now, when I see how it could be misinterpreted.

In order to flourish and gain strength as a collective then we need to band together as a sisterhood — all women, all colors, all cultures. If my cover gives YOU an impression that says otherwise, I sincerely apologize. If there’s ever a second edition of Lady Bits, it will reflect a wider lens.

Q: What do I get if I buy Lady Bits today?

If you buy Lady Bits today, you’ll gain access to an amazing bonus: the SHINE 7-day nutritional reset. Save your proof of purchase (order number/receipt number) as you’ll be needing it to gain access to SHINE. Click here for details!


Q: How can I meet you in person?

I’m planning to do book signings in the United States this summer, and I’m in the process of scheduling an early Fall Lady Bits event in Kaiserslautern, Germany! Stay tuned for details about the Fall event(s).

Summer United States Book Signing Dates:

  • June 30, 6:30PM at EveryDay Wine (1520 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211). Join me for food, drinks, and celebration!
  • July 18, 5:30PM, at Hot Yoga Renton (222 William Ave SE, Renton, WA 98057). The signing will be held directly after Day One of the “Essential Essence of Fatima” women’s retreat (you do not need to attend the retreat in order to attend the book signing).


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