Menopause SummitIf you’re a woman in your prime, you already know that menopause is a trip. At 35 years old I’m not quite “there” myself, but I’ve worked with hundreds of women who are there (or who have been and gone), and I know that it can be a wild ride. That’s why I’m pleased to invite you to a free online menopause summit – Menopause is a Trip 2016 – that brings together 21 experts in women’s hormonal balance, health, and energy. Join me HERE.

My colleague, Katherine Miller, a holistic health coach who happens to be super chill, super kind, and lovely (her dimples are to die for), is interviewing 20 doctors and health professionals — including me — and she’s putting all of our interviews together in a 9-day online event from January 9th through the 17th.

How much does it cost?


WaHOO!!! There’s no cost to attend Menopause is a Trip 2016. Register HERE, and you will have access to all of the amazing advice and practical solutions each speaker offers for 48 hours.

If you hate timelines and already know you want to listen on your own schedule, then you can get instant lifetime access by purchasing the Menopause Survival Kitthe complete video and MP3 recordings and transcripts of all the interviews with all sorts of fab speaker bonuses. I am a summit affiliate, and I fully disclose that I will receive a portion of the proceeds if you order the Menopause Survival Kit through this link.  

But remember, no purchase is necessary to attend the online summit. You can get access to each speaker’s presentations for 48 hours FOR FREE, without purchasing anything. Just register here and you’re set.

21 experts. 9 days. 1 amazing virtual conference. Register for FREE with this link.

More info about Menopause is a Trip 2016:

  • This menopause summit was created because too many women are suffering needlessly as they transition through “the change.” They are looking for relief, and practical answers to many common concerns.
  • The speakers will be sharing their best advice on:
    • How to balance your hormones naturally and get relief from fatigue, weight gain, low libido, hot-flashes, insomnia, and much, much more.
    • What foods, herbs, and supplements will super nourish you, protect your bones, slow down aging, balance moods, help you sleep, and keep you fit.
    • What type of exercise is best for your body and how to use it feel better, sleep better, lose weight and get strong.
    • How to get your sexy back, or even recreate it, with or without a partner.

It’s super line-up designed to address the challenges you may be experiencing – how to heal them and how to prevent them.

PS: I will be sharing my insights and advice during my talk on January 13, 2016. Hope you can make it! Register NOW.


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