You might wonder why I love hip circles so darn much, and why I talk about them ALL THE TIME.

I love hip circles because “motion is lotion.” Movement — particularly gentle, multi-planar movement — is the KEY to living a pain-free (or at least, LESS painful) life. Movement circulates the synovial fluid in your joints, keeping them mobile, pain-free, and un-stuck. It decreases inflammation. It improves circulation, thus bringing vital oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. It keeps your muscles healthy and strong. MOVEMENT IS ESSENTIAL FOR A COMFORTABLE EXISTENCE.

“Oh yeah?” you say… “Girlfriend, you don’t understand… It HURTS to move!”

I know it hurts at first. It will. But it gets better. Let me explain:

When I was in clinical practice as a physical therapist, some of my favorite — but admittedly, most challenging — clients to work with were those suffering from chronic pain; for example, long-standing low back pain, pelvic pain, bladder pain, or painful sex (dyspareunia). It’s much different to work with someone who has suffered from their condition for years versus someone who recently sprained their ankle and needs a few weeks of rehab.

One thing I learned from working with patients with chronic pain is that over time, many of them learned to FEAR MOVEMENT. Why? Because movement HURT. Often, moving made things worse. And so they didn’t move… And they got stiffer. And more painful.

Got back pain? See how this one simple move can help you be PAIN FREE FOR LIFE!

They stayed fearful of movement, and got stiffer and stiffer and more sedentary… Often they would try to exercise — for example, they’d go on a hike with some friends — but if they “overdid it” they’d end up flat on their back for days due to increased pain.

“See?” they’d say… “I can’t exercise! It just makes things worse!”

I humbly offer this story (typical scenario) NOT to imply hopelessness or negativity! Rather, I want to illustrate the point that chronic pain can lead to a vicious cycle: Lack of movement causing pain and stiffness, causing less movement, causing even more pain and stiffness, causing less movement, causing even more pain and stiffness (and so on). But there IS HOPE, and there is a solution.

The “vicious cycle” above makes sense — it occurs due to a person’s innate, primal NEED to protect him- or herself. But in many cases of chronic pain, baby steps of movement will make all the difference over time. (Notice that I said baby steps!!! This doesn’t mean you should go on a run tomorrow!) Although it might not feel good at first, it’s essential to get your body moving gently, frequently, and gradually progressively to reduce pain over time.

I discuss the power of movement, particularly multi-planar movement (since hip circles have become my specialty!) in my new e-course, The Circle Solution.

Here’s a startling fact: Over 100 million men and women in the US have chronic pain.

100 million!

And here’s another startling (but hopeful) fact: ONE SIMPLE MOVE — hip circles — can help.

The Circle Solution will provide you the first steps to eliminating nagging back and hip pain WITHOUT the use of drugs, with the side-benefit of improving your strength, flexibility and mobility so you can enjoy life again.

SAY YES TO LIFE! Your health and well-being are the ultimate roadmap to your happiness.

If you want to see some examples of multi-planar movement (the foundation of The Circle Solution), then click the videos below. And if you have questions about The Circle Solution, click here for FAQ.

You can also view my TWO FULL-LENGTH FemFusion Fitness classes online by clicking here. Lots of hip circles goin’ on!

Last thing: Although I love hip circles and you might think that I’m a “dancer,” I’m TOTALLY NOT! In fact, I’m quite uncoordinated (I can’t even keep up with Zumba), and in high school I tried out for a dance team, PANICKED, and blanked on all of my moves. But the one thing I can do — and that makes me feel sexy and sassy and pain-free and feminine and FUN — is free-flowing hip circles.

Circles of all kinds (hip circles, bust circles, figure-8’s, etc.) have personally worked to reduce my own chronic mid-back pain and tension.

If you’re not used to circling it can feel funny at first, but I promise, once you get “hooked” on multi-planar movement you will NEVER look back.

Happy circling, and don’t forget to check out The Circle Solution!