The FemFusion SHINE Cleanse: 7 days to FEELING BETTER!

Real food, real RESULTS in a format you can do on your own anytime, or with a group of supportive, like-minded women twice per year. If you find yourself craving a lighter lifestyle, this is for you! Next group cleanse: November 4-10, 2019. 

The SHINE 7-day cleanse is designed to get you unstuck and launched into a healthier lifestyle so that you feel better instantly and gain the motivation to keep going. Many of us know that we should eat more veggies, eat less refined sugar and cook more food at home; we just need a little motivation and guidance to get started.

SHINE in a nutshell:

You will ENLIVEN your food choices with a plant-based diet that starts 100% produce-based and gradually progresses to a more “typical” day of food choices (the plan is designed for omnivores, but options are provided for vegetarians and vegans). Throughout the week, you will eliminate refined sugar, alcohol, soda, and gluten, and optimize your gut microbiota. Soothe, seal, and rebalance: that’s the name of the game!

There is NO starvation required, NO juicer required, and NO special supplements required (although I offer options for those who are interested). All you need is a blender and a hunger to SHINE!!!

Part of my Inner Circle? You’re in for FREE!

If I helped you enroll with a doTERRA wholesale membership, then you get free lifetime access to SHINE!

SHINE is not an essential oils-based cleanse; however, it is an extension of my holistic, healthy lifestyle just like essential oils have become. The women in my doTERRA family are a lot like me, and they LOVE the results they get from SHINE. Click here for more details about joining my Inner Circle and getting SHINE for free!

Not in my Inner Circle? That’s okay!

ANYONE can join SHINE, at any time. Click below to get started, or read on to learn more!

Shine Cleanse

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With the SHINE program, you have the option to complete the cleanse on your own anytime, or twice/year online in our private Facebook group. The best part? Once you’re in, you’re in for LIFE!

Upcoming Group Cleanse Dates:

November 4-10, 2019

May 2020 (specific week TBA)

What you get:

  • Ability to participate in this 7-Day Real Food Cleanse (gluten-free, plant-based, gradually progressive) on your own anytime, or biannually with a group online
  • 113-page SHINE Guide (e-book) with complete program description and guidelines, all recipes required for the program (plus options/alternatives to suit different needs), and holistic “superchargers” to maximize your SHINE!
  • SHINE Shopping Guide
  • Downloadable “Bend Don’t Break” Yoga Flow (ALL LEVELS)
  • BONUS: “Sleep Like a Boss” Audio
  • BONUS: “EFT / Tapping for Cravings” video
  • Seasonal Cleansing: Fall/Winter cleanse recipes and meal plan, Fall/Winter shopping guide
  • Clean-eating recipes and reintegration tips for AFTER your cleanse
  • All future updates, revisions, and additions to the program
  • Opportunity to participate in all future group cleanses (offered biannually)
  • Opportunity to win prizes via your participation in group cleanses
  • Live coaching during biannual group cleanses

What does it look like?

Questions and Answers:

I have a medical condition. Can I do this cleanse?

Those with kidney or liver disease, cancer, or diabetes are advised to speak with their healthcare providers before beginning SHINE. Please note that this is NOT an intensive “liver cleanse” or “gallbladder cleanse;” rather, it is a whole-foods based wellness program that is designed to soothe your digestive tract and ease you into a cleaner, less processed lifestyle. However, it is not individually supervised, so proceed at your own risk.

I am on a special diet. Will this be appropriate for me?

If you need to follow a very specific diet for health reasons (for example, a low FODMAP diet, or a fructose-free diet), then SHINE might not be ideal for you.  However, you are welcome to join the program to get the benefits of the biannual cleanse community and to utilize any elements of the program that WILL work for you, such as my “Keys to Success” in the SHINE Guide, the optional activities to “Supercharge” your detox, and my “Bend Don’t Break” yoga video. You’re also welcome to modify recipes as needed, and substitute ingredients to make the recipes suit your needs.

SHINE is a gentle, food-based cleanse that’s great for beginners (those who are new to cleanse programs). It is NOT supplement-based, and it is NOT liquid-only or consisting of a single ingredient or recipe. SHINE is a holistic program that will work for a wide variety of individuals; however, those on special diets may need to make modifications or use the program as a general guide rather than an exact template.

I’m pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. Can I participate?

You are welcome to join the SHINE group cleanse community to have support and accountability as you pursue your own healthy whole-foods lifestyle, but this is not the time to 1) restrict yourself from certain foods/food groups, or 2) mobilize toxins from your fat cells and into your bloodstream, which can happen during any type of diet or cleanse program. Toxin mobilization and flushing is a GOOD THING, unless you’re actively trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing. So new or expectant mamas, enjoy the community right now, but if eating like this is new for you, then save the complete cleanse program for AFTER baby comes (and after weaning)!

I have kids. Is this program safe for my entire family, or just for the adult members of my family?

I cannot provide a blanket statement, because every family is different. If you have specific questions or concerns about your child’s health needs, please consult with his or her pediatrician. However, I can tell you that the smoothie recipes and dinners in this program are full of nutrient dense foods that you can feel GOOD about giving your child. Hopefully it will create some healthy eating habits that will last longer than the SHINE week!

What if can’t do the entire cleanse because I have an event, vacation, etc?

That’s totally okay! You can do part of the cleanse now, and then come back later and complete the rest.

Remember, once you’re in SHINE you’re in for life! You can complete the cleanse anytime on your own, or do a partial cleanse now and the full cleanse in 6 months when we do it again as a group.

Do I need any special equipment, like a juicer?

Nope! All you need is a blender. A high-powered blender (such as a Vitamix or BlendTec) is recommended; if you don’t have one, perhaps you can borrow from a friend for the week! Otherwise, the kitchen equipment required is basic, and the ingredients are generally accessible as well. If your local grocery store or natural foods store doesn’t carry an item that’s listed in the Shopping Guide, then you can order online via,, etc.

Shine Cleanse

Click here to view our online products and programs Terms of Use.

IMPORTANT: You will receive emails related to your purchase. Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive a welcome message within 5-10 minutes after purchasing SHINE!

Are you ready to SHINE?

Purchase TODAY and get ready to SHINE! Start on your own whenever you’d like, or you can save the information for the next group cleanse session.

This program is such a gem, and I hope you’ll SHINE BRIGHTER with me now and into the future. I see this growing into a bright, sparkling community of women all over the world! We might be different, but we all have the same foundational desires: health, joy, energy, and LIGHT.

Let’s SHINE together! Join today!

SHINE was just what I needed. It was doable and gentle and I never got hungry. My sleep quality was so much better and I had more sustained energy all day, never hitting that mid-day slump. All of the recipes were amazing and ended up being great for my whole family. I actually ended up losing four pounds! While I realize that the number on the scale isn’t what I should focus on, I have also noticed that since I entered my 40s, that number has been slowly creeping up. SHINE helped me to get off of that plateau I had hit weight-wise. I’m going to be doing it again (this time with my husband) the first week of July and I’m so excited about it! I think a lot of the cleanse I’m going to keep (like the smooth move bowls for breakfast), and just incorporate them into my daily life. The support from the FB group was amazing. You all were just what I needed to keep me on track!


It was a great week! I was surprised that I had very few cravings. The Eliminators or dried fruit dipped in cocoa powder helped a lot with that. I was happy that my family liked so many of the recipes, and that I was able to work with ingredients that are new to me, like miso paste. This has reset some of my dietary routines, and I’m looking forward to better eating habits that last beyond SHINE Week!


For me this was a great reset to stop over-indulging in sweets. This plan was so easy to follow, the meals were easy and quick to prepare, and I loved that they could be adjusted to fit the “rules.” For me, when a plan is too strict I have a harder time sticking with it. What I also found great was all the support from the group on FB! It was great to have other going through the plan as well and sharing our “ups and downs.” Thank you all! Couldn’t have done it without you! I feel a stronger willpower to either say no to sweets or to eat only a very small amount. I definitely plan to go through this cleanse again, maybe in a month or two, and with the next group session!


In my early forties I was able to stick to restrictive detoxes but now I find it impossible. With my hysterectomy came so many changes in my body and how it functions, and my mind, and eating is the one that caused me the most frustration. I’ve learned that I need to move forward and not expect to be able to do what worked before. I love the gentleness with myself that I’m learning from Brianne Grogan, and that I can use the same approach with SHINE. While I didn’t finish the SHINE cleanse, for the first time I’ve felt no guilt at not ‘completing a plan’ and that’s a big accomplishment. I’m looking forward to trying it again!


I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse and all the fresh and vibrant fruits and vegetables. The recipes were fantastic and I appreciated the repeats to keep things simpler and not as much work. I think the lentil soup was my favourite. I started the cleanse a day late so I have one day left. But I also have lots of leftovers so I won’t have to cook for a couple days after that either! Thank you for everything and for this group as well, it was a lot of fun!


SHINE really was a transformative experience for me that has blessed my life and my husband’s life, and will bless the lives of our (future) kids! Here’s my report:

After years of trying to figure out a vegan lifestyle but always feeling hungry, the collagen has been a game changer for me. I’m still eating plant-based (with the exception of the collagen) but feel much better now. Also, my MOM started the cleanse after I did it, and has dropped six pounds and is SO HAPPY! She and I both are like “This is it! This is what we have been looking for!”

Now that it’s post-cleanse, she and I both are keeping up with the smooth move smoothie (I wake up so excited to eat that smoothie! Yummy! I also tried it with frozen cherries in place of the berries and WOW—it’s cherry soft-serve ice cream! ♥ DESSERT! ). My mom and I are also doing the lunch smoothies frequently (my mom is having them daily—for me, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I want a heavier lunch. But I feel much more clear and hydrated when I have the smoothies for lunch).

During the cleanse I started oil pulling and it’s felt amazing for me. It just feels so good, so “high vibration.” I now do tongue scraping every day and oil pulling most days (it’s great to do it when you’re getting ready for the day, showering, stretching, reading news–anything!). Thanks for suggesting tongue scraper and oil pulling, Dr. Bri! I wouldn’t have started those were it not for your suggestion. More game changers. (The oil pulling is so helpful for my teeth—they are whiter now. I don’t like the harsh chemicals in mainstream teeth whiteners).

I’m addicted to the Eliminator. I just LOVE it and am often recommending it to friends. It’s been a game changer as well to help keep me hydrated. I don’t think the water quality is very good where I live, so sometimes it’s been hard to want to drink enough water–when I make the Eliminator, though, I somehow feel like it’s purifying the water I drink. I know that’s probably not scientifically true but something about it just feels right to me. (Next investment for my husband and I will be a high-quality water filter).

I also have been slathering my skin with coconut oil post-shower which feels luxurious, yummy–and such a self care moment. I don’t take much time to self-massage but I do make sure to work up toward the heart. Sometimes I also add in some vitamin E oil for tummy, thighs, breasts.

I feel so happy and really can’t thank this community enough.