Walking is my go-to DAILY exercise. I walk every single day, rain or shine, and I can vouch for the power of using affirmations while walking in order to really hardwire them into your brain…something about the repetitive motion of walking really makes the positive words “stick.” But half the time, when I go on a walk with the intention of repeating positive affirmations, my mind wanders after just a few repetitions. So when I heard about Erin Stutland’s “Soul Stroll,” I was intrigued.

**It’s important for me to let you know that this post was not sponsored, or in any way financially compensated, by Soul Stroll or Erin Stutland. I purchased my Soul Stroll package with my own money, and I simply want to share how awesome it is!

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Soul Strolls are audio recordings that you can listen to while walking. They combine great music, Erin’s fun and engaging personality, and positive, uplifting, inspiring affirmations for a mind-body fitness EXPERIENCE.

Volume 1 (which I do not yet have, but plan to purchase) focuses on self-worth, whereas Volume 2 is about self-acceptance and accepting your feelings just as they are — right now — so that you can move forward with your goals, dreams, and plans. Each volume includes a 35-minute Soul Stroll audio, a fitness video, a guided meditation, mantra cards, and more.

soul stroll

I get the most out of my Soul Strolls when I repeat the positive affirmations out loud. If you’re the same, you might want to reserve your Soul Strolls for walks in less-populated areas, or in the privacy of your own home (i.e. on a treadmill) lest you be mistaken for a crazy person.

I don’t use my Soul Stroll audio every day, because I also enjoy walks in complete silence. Everyone is different, and every day is different. But I’ve found — and you might, too — that the Soul Stroll is a great way to spice up my walks…a way to switch things up to prevent boredom. I use the audio at least 50% of the time and when I don’t use it, I often find myself repeating the mantras on my own because they’ve become ingrained in my brain (they’re catchy!).

The Soul Stroll is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra motivation, and is a great way to keep your mind occupied (and focused) while walking. I’ve already recommended the Soul Stroll to several friends and clients, and plan to continue to do so. I consider the Soul Stroll to be a revolution in the world of mind-body fitness. Try it out! You can click here for info about Volume 1, and click here for info about Volume 2.


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