Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is a smart, fun company with unique products designed to improve health through proper toilet posture.

I’ve been using my Squatty Potty for YEARS. Click here to see my review from 2012! You can read all about the physiological benefits of squatting to eliminate, and how Squatty Potty can be used to help mimic a squatting position while using the modern convenience of the toilet.

Not only is my Squatty Potty a fantastic “elimination enhancer,” it’s also a great conversation starter. You’d think it would be weird to have a specialized potty stool in your bathroom, but EVERY PERSON who has come into my home and noticed it has either been overjoyed (i.e. “You have a Squatty Potty too? Aren’t they the best?!!”) or intrigued (i.e. “I’ve heard of Squatty Potty… Does it really work? How cool!”).

I own the original $29 Ecco model from Squatty Potty, but the company has diversified and now they also carry GORGEOUS models such as the Tao Bamboo Adjustable, and even portable models for squatting on-the-go (Porta-Squatty Foldable, go anywhere, light weight).

In addition, they offer Good Move! Colon Care (a NON HABIT FORMING herbal constipation relief formula with digestive enzymes and probiotics – vegan and gluten free; you can use it daily to keep things moving) and Unicorn Gold ‘Before You Squat’ Toilet Spray.

Squatty Potty has all your toileting needs covered, and believe me, you are NOT ALONE if you have toileting “issues!” I strongly encourage you to support this forward-thinking company. Click here to shop, and cheers to getting things moving! 

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