There is no essential oil (that I know of) that can magically cure incontinence or other pelvic floor issues (wouldn’t that be nice???!!!)… However, essential oils can do a LOT when it comes to addressing the underlying root causes of pelvic health concerns such as incontinence and even prolapse.

In fact, I created a free training that covers this topic in-depth.

In this 80-minute class, discover how essential oils can be used to manage the root causes that contribute to pelvic organ prolapse (fatigue, poor posture, coughing, constipation, etc) as well as the symptoms that occur for many women with prolapse (discomfort, mood issues, and more). I even address an oil blend that may help with collagen production… Ideal for those of us with connective tissue conditions such as prolapse!

No time to watch? Here are some of the highlights that I cover in the above training.


We know that carrying excess weight and/or having weak pelvic floor/core muscles can contribute to incontinence. Prolapse too. Strengthening the core and pelvic muscles and attaining (or maintaining) ideal body weight is super important for pelvic health! Essential oils (EOs) to the rescue!!! EOs can improve exercise performance (i.e. Peppermint), open your airways to help with cardiovascular activities (i.e. doTERRA’s Breathe respiratory blend), and provide energy if you need a “boost” (i.e. citrus oils). Click here and here for two scholarly articles about using Peppermint for improving exercise performance!

Furthermore, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Wild Orange are proven cravings-busters. Diffuse, or drink (just one drop of a certified pure, therapeutic grade EO) stirred briskly into a small glass of water to curb your afternoon cravings and provide a boost of energy!


Feelings of low-mood, lethargy, apathy, and/or a lack of motivation will affect your posture. Poor posture negatively affects your pelvic floor health, essentially “squishing” your abdominal and pelvic contents and contributing to incontinence and/or prolapse. Aromatherapy is a proven mood-booster, and blends such as doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss and Elevation are natural mood enhancers. When your mood is lifted, your confidence lifts and your posture improves. In turn, your pelvic health improves. Less pressure on your pelvic organs = less bladder leakage.

If you’re feeling tense and stressed out which can make you rush-rush-rush all day long — including PUSHING to urinate to get it done faster (which is VERY hard on the pelvic floor and will exacerbate incontinence and/or prolapse issues) — then relaxing blends and single oils such as Lavender and/or Clary Sage can be helpful. When you relax, your breathing also becomes deeper and slower. Deep, slow, diaphragmatic breathing (as your natural resting state) is essential for pelvic floor health.


If you find yourself getting sick all the time and coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose (etc.) — all of which can result in bladder leakage if you have incontinence — then you can use EOs to support your immune system when seasonal threats are high. Examples include Thyme, Oregano, and doTERRA’s OnGuard blend. Less coughing and sneezing = less leakage.


Finally, if you have constipation, there are certain oils and herbal supplements that doTERRA offers that can be extremely helpful for alleviating these symptoms. Having a full colon that pushes on your bladder — not to mention straining on a regular basis if constipation is your natural state — can absolutely contribute to incontinence (and prolapse as well), and so YES… oils (and supplements) can be helpful for that. I personally use the following essential oils when my digestion is sluggish: Cilantro, Juniper Berry, Tangerine, and doTERRA’s Zendocrine products (EO blend, softgels, and detoxification complex).

Digestive enzymes can also be helpful for individuals dealing with constipation! Below I share a video that shows doTERRA’s TerraZyme digestive enzyme complex working its magic on oatmeal. Grains and fibrous foods tend to make me gassy, bloated, and sometimes constipated… TerraZyme has been an incredible aid (in my personal life) when it comes to managing these hard-to-digest foods.

I personally use doTERRA oils and products and stand for their purity and effectiveness. I love that they promote the use of essential oils as a PART of an overall healthy lifestyle and not as a single “magic bullet” cure.

Work with me one-on-one when you join my doTERRA team! I would love to support YOU in living your holistic healthy lifestyle. Learn more here.