Results from a recent online poll I conducted are in, and I’m excited to say that the next free video series I’ll be filming for YouTube is:

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS for core + pelvic health

This free series is going to be perfect for anyone who is:

  • tight and stiff
  • new to yoga
  • experienced with yoga, but would like to revisit the basics
  • and/or anyone who has core weakness or pelvic floor dysfunction such as prolapse, bladder control issues, or even mild pelvic pain/tension

Expect to see the first video in this series in 2-3 weeks! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to be notified when new videos post.

Why yoga?

I’ve personally used yoga as a tool for my own health issues and personal development, and MAN… It’s been a lifesaver. Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it’s a mind-body experience that has the potential to unlock a level of health that you didn’t even know was possible!

In my latest YouTube video, I discuss the POWER of tuning into your own body’s wisdom. I share how this has helped me in my own health journey, and I discuss how YOGA can help you achieve this improved sense of intuition and “body wisdom.”

What’s next?

I plan to follow “Yoga for Beginners” with MORE great video series:

  • “Lift” (a progression of fitness vids to help manage mild to moderate prolapse)
  • “Foga (Fitness-Yoga) for Pregnancy”
  • …and an “At-Home Retreat for Your Pelvic Floor” (a series of stretching and self-care vids for people with excessive pelvic tension and/or pelvic pain)

I also have some single workouts AND awesome interviews lined up… I’m having so much FUN!!!!!

Even if you don’t have any pelvic issues whatsoever, you’re going to love these vids. I promise! Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel (if you haven’t already) to be notified when new videos post.

More Survey Results

It was SO COOL to hear from you via the online poll! I now better understand your desires, and thus I’ll be more equipped to meet your needs for future videos and online offerings.

Other survey results revealed that you like videos to be approximately 15-20 minutes in length… and there was a close tie between a posting schedule of 1-2 times/week and 3-4 times/week. As a result, I’M SHOOTING FOR THREE VIDEOS PER WEEK. I like compromise!

Results from FemFusion Fitness Survey, August 2017

In Facebook comments and emails, you mentioned that you’d like background music in the videos (I’ll try! can’t promise!), and that you’d like to see a range of ages, body shapes, and fitness levels in your videos. It’s time to call on some friends and mix things up a bit! This is going to be fun!

Thanks for being with me, and AS ALWAYS remember… Eat clean, move every day, and you WILL shine brighter.

With love,

Dr. Bri, PT, DPT

PS: If you missed my last YouTube series, check out my 18-day Ab Camp! It has been getting rave reviews… Some of you are even doing it twice and feeling it MORE the second time around!!!
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