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Pelvic health to the PEOPLE!

Even the word “pelvis” makes some people squeamish, and I realize that the topic of pelvic health isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you have a pelvis (ummm… that’s everyone) then you need to know this stuff! And if you’re ready and willing to HEAR this information, then you’re in for a treat.

I like to talk about weird things that other people don’t want to discuss. Bowel health, bladder issues, sex, lady parts, and pain… Hey, someone’s gotta do it! 

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  • Focus on the Pelvic Floor (Pain, Prolapse, Incontinence)
  • Focus on Diastasis Recti, Prenatal, and Postpartum
  • “Ask the Experts” Interviews
  • Foga (Fitness + Yoga)
  • …and more!

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